What is Tibetan Kung Fu?

Tibetan Kung Fu or Ancient Boxing Ké Piang Tibetan Dragon Style is an old family style. It has been handed down from generation to generation in teacher Joe Kherliangs family.The style combines influences from Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian martial arts.

Its practice contents:

  1. Bare hand fighting
  2. Traditional weapons
  3. Advanced fighting techniques

and emphasizes on breathing techniques.

Good health through inner strength

Instead of using (only) external force which could be harmful to the body, we use internal force and the attacking force of the opponent. Specific (Qi Gong-) exercises are taught to build the inner structure of body and mind.

Effectiveness through reflex training

From the beginning you learn to develop your reflexes and senses by means of partner exercises, practiced bare hand and with weapons like double swords or stick.

Animal styles as an artistic expression

Animal styles such as Dragon, Tiger, Snake or Crane represent principles and characteristics of the style.

Footwork Patterns – Defense system

A specialty of Tibetan Kung Fu are the Footwork Patterns. The form is first practiced on wooden stumps in all four directions and – when it is good memorized – on the ground as application against several opponents. There are 3,5,9,12,16 and 17 patterns, practiced bare hand, with double swords or stick.

What is the benefit

Tibetan Kung Fu teaches a concept of self-defense and its holistic approach focus on the body, mind and spirit to balance the whole being and improves life at all levels, thus your daily life gets more quality.


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