What is Zhineng Qi Gong?

Founder Dr. Pang Ming

Zhineng Qi Gong was developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Pang Ming, M.D., a master of Qi Gong, who studied Buddhism, martial arts and traditional Taoist Qi Gong under nineteen different masters. In addition, he is trained in both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr Pang was the first Qi Gong teacher to break with tradition and begin introducing Qi Gong to the broader masses.He established a groundbreaking synthesis of ancient Qi Gong systems of inner energy cultivation and modern scientific knowledge of the body and mind that is highly efficient and easy to learn. Dr Pang’s overriding aim is to enable people all around the world to liberate themselves of their self-imposed bonds, and discover their true nature.


Zhineng Qi Gong

Zhi is the Chinese word for “wisdom, intellect“

Neng is the Chinese word for “ability“, both in the physical and mental sense.

Qi According to historical teachings, Qi is a universal energy or life force that permeates everything, existing within us (inner Qi) and all around us (external Qi, Qi of Nature). Inner and outer Qi are not static, but rather in constant interaction and interchange, continually transforming, one into the other.

Gong is the Chinese word for “practice, level of practice“

The benefits of practicing Zhineng Qi Gong

The purpose of Qi Gong is to improve quality of life, by way of strengthening our physical health and mental clarity as well as unlocking our hidden potential.

Qi Gong exercises provide us with a means to both expand our boundaries and our minds as well as break the mold of our social conditioning, thereby gaining greater awareness and wisdom. In practicing Qi Gong, we learn to cultivate Qi. In contrast to doing sports, our attention is directed inward. The mind guides the Qi, Qi directs the body, which then executes the slow, meditative movements that in turn cultivate and give rise to the balance of body and mind.



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